Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thank you 2009! Happy 2010!

In a few minutes, we'll be welcoming a new year!

2009 has been a busy and crazy year for me. I changed my job late this year, and also changed my thesis topic. These were difficult transitions in my professional and student life, but I consider myself blessed and thankful for these changes. I feel that these experiences opened up opportunities for me to learn and grow professionally in my chosen career.

The most memorable highlight of my year happened last April when I changed my status from being "In a Relationship" to "Engaged" in a grand proposal that I never imagined will happen to me. I'm looking forward to our wedding and having our own family.

Overall, I am truly thankful for this year, and I truly feel that the Lord took care of me. I'm looking and moving forward to the coming year, which is a few minutes away as I write this post.

Happy New Year!