Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tagged by bananaspin - The Perfect Job

I was tagged by bananaspin in her blog entry entitled "Employee Opportunity!!!". I haven't really thought about this before, so here's my attempt:

Maui Salang has had previous experience in various development-related work, particularly in the education and youth sector. Had also experience in training and events management, advocacy and social mobilization, and volunteerism. Though I am presently not seeking employment, an ideal job for me is one that will allow me to:

- teach and/or train
- plan and implement programs and projects for the development of Philippine education
- use information and communications technologies (ICT) for teaching/training and development
- coordinate and network with various education stakeholders
- travel to many different places

Moreover, I'd prefer to be working with an inspiring, role-model boss and mentor (katulad ni bananaspin), and with a positive and dynamic team. Of course I'd also like to work in an organization that empowers and will give me a reasonable compensation package and benefits.

Maui received liberal Catholic education from the Ateneo de Manila University, with an undergraduate degree of Economics and soon a master's degree in education, major in Information Technology Integration. She has received trainings on implementing formal and community education projects, use of ICT for content development and education, volunteer and training management, advocacy writing, as well as monitoring and evaluation. She had past jobs as a teacher, and program officer that handled various education-related projects.


Many of the things I have mentioned here are already satisfied by my current job. May slight problem lang dun sa organization at compensation.

But my present situation in my job, as it is, is okay. It's not perfect, but it's okay. I'm blessed to be able to do the job that I like and be compensated just enough.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weight Gain

7 years ago, I only weighed about a hundred pounds. Super payat ko talaga. So I also made an effort to gain weight. Hindi naman kasi maganda itsura ko then dahil mukha akong maysakit.

Pero may time na nag-overboard na yata ang weight gain. I have gained more than 30 pounds maximum in a span of about five to six years.

Waah! Bakit kaya ito nangyari?

Change of eating habits and lesser physical activity. Madalas ako ay nakaupo lang at nagco-computer o nag-iinternet. Dala na rin kasi ng trabaho.

And for the past 2 years, I have been making 'some' effort to lose weight.

Maybe I should spend less time using the Internet (like what I am doing now!) and spend more time biking :)

More about girls' weight gain at the article below:

NEW YORK—Girls and young women who devote much time to the Internet, get too little sleep or regularly drink alcohol are more likely than their peers to put on excess weight, a new study suggests.

The researchers, who followed more than 5,000 girls between 14 and 21 years old for a year, found that the more spare time girls spent on the Internet, the more their body mass index (BMI) increased.

Similar patterns were seen when the researchers looked at alcohol consumption and sleep. Too much alcohol and lack of sleep were linked to greater gains in BMI—a measure of weight in relation to height.

The findings, which were reported in The Journal of Pediatrics, add to the evidence implicating each of these three habits in promoting weight gain.

The effect of each habit on one’s weight may be small, but over time the pounds can add up, according to the researchers led by Dr. Catherine S. Berkey of Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston.


The study involved 5,036 girls and young women who were surveyed regarding the number of recreational hours per week they spent on the Internet, which ranged from one to five hours, to 16-plus hours, as well as how long they typically slept each night (anywhere from five hours or less, to nine hours or more) and how much alcohol they usually drank (ranging from none to two or more drinks per week).

In general, the researchers found that as Internet use climbed, so did BMI, particularly among girls younger than 18 years old.

When it came to sleep, those who clocked five hours or less tended to gain more weight than those who got a standard eight hours.

And girls and women who had two or more alcoholic drinks per week put on more pounds than those who drank the least.

The effects of these habits over one year were modest, Berkey’s team points out.

Over time

For example, a 19-year-old of average weight and height would gain four pounds if she were in the high-risk groups for Internet use, sleep and alcohol consumption.

The researchers, however, add that over time that could translate into significant weight change.

Spending hours on the Internet likely contributes to weight gain by taking time away from physical activity, according to Berkey’s team.

Lack of sleep may make people too tired to be active during the day; sleep deprivation also affects hormones and metabolism in a way that might promote weight gain.

Alcohol contains a significant amount of calories, and research suggests that people usually don’t make an adjustment for liquid calories by eating or drinking less throughout the rest of the day.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Cycling is Fashionable

Saw this post in one of the bicycling blogs that I am reading. The event is named Bikeosphere 2008 held last July 18 at Vancouver, Canada.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

7 years

Lord, thank you for blessing us with a beautiful and wonderful seven year relationship... :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Ateneo Basketball Team

It's UAAP season once again, at muli, excited na naman ako na manood muli ng mga laro ng Ateneo.

Elementary pa lang ako ay fan na ako ng Ateneo. Mga early 90s yun. Those were the days na may pagka-talunan ang Ateneo team. Pero cheer pa rin ako sa kanila. Napakatindi nga ng school spirit. Nakakahawa. Talagang "Win or Lose it's the school we choose"!

Nang tumuntong na ako sa kolehiyo, dun na unti-unting nagsimula na i-improve ang basketball program ng Ateneo. Naging masigasig na sa pagsa-scout ng mga magagaling na players at nag-hire ng mga mahuhusay na coach. Unti-unting umakyat sa standings ang Ateneo. Nakatuntong sa Final Four. Nagkaroon ng runner up finish nung 2001. At nung 2002, ito ay nagbunga ng championship.

Pero makalipas ang ilang taon ay hindi na ulit nagchampion ang Ateneo. Umaabot naman sa Final Four, pero heartbreaking ang mga pagkatalo nung 2006 at 2007. At last year nga, may isang "big" Ateneo supporter na nagsabi na "we have to win." Kung baga, mukhang hindi na acceptable ang mga runner up finishes. Kelangan manalo ng championship.

At mukhang sineryoso nga ang statement ng Ateneo benefactor. Seems like scouting and training were really taken seriously. Ateneo may have the best line up this year, maybe better than the team that won the championship in 2002. The pre-UAAP league championships and the first game against La Salle tells a lot about this team. Ika nga sa isang artikulo, this team is built to win. And I believe so. I hope the team really wins the championship.

Go ATENEO! One Big Fight!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Potential Bicycle Cities in the Philippines

Bicycle City has identified key locations to be "Bicycle Cities". Bicycle City, Philippines, could be located 50-100 miles from the following cities:

1. Manila
2. Butuan City
3. Zamboanga City
4. Batangas City
5. City of San Jose, Nueva Ecija

For more information, you may go to

Tour de France 2008 on Google Maps

Explore Tour de France 2008 through Google Maps! Watch this video:
For more information, check out

Thursday, July 3, 2008

All-Mountain Bike Frames

With regards to buying a new bike frame, I gave further thought on it, and thought that maybe it would be more practical to buy an all-mountain bike frame. Here are some of the bikes that I like:

Moots Cinco - I really like but very expensive

Places to see in Bacolod

Gaston Ancestral House

San Sebastian Cathedral

The Ruins

Virgen Sang Barangay Chapel - where Maris and Ian tied the knot!

Lanca Perfume

Lança menina, lança todo esse perfume
Desbaratina, não dá pra ficar imune
Ao teu amor que tem cheiro de coisa maluca
Vem cá meu bem, me descola um carinho
Eu sou nenem, só sossego com beijinho
Vê se me da, o prazer de ter prazer comigo

Me aqueça
Me vira de ponta cabeça
Me faz de gato e sapato
E me deixa de quatro no ato
Me enche de amor, de amor

Lança, lança perfume
Oooou, lança, perfume, lança perfume...


I soooo love Brazilian music!