Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank you 2010! Hello 2011!

2010 has been a very good and special year! This is the year of "New Beginnings": life forever with my beloved Doy. This year I got opportunities to do training, and be involved once again with AFI. This is the year when I started to engage in research professionally, in my work and in CPRsouth. This year I got to travel to new places like Pagudpud, El Nido and Samal Island, and re-connected with my favorite places like Real and Albay. This year the Ateneo Blue Eagles won its 3rd basketball championship and is the jubilee year for Ateneo Batch 2000. This year I met many new friends, and also got re-connected with many longtime ones.

There were also some lows this year. I haven't finished my thesis. I've also had some struggles in my professional work. I've done a lot of serious thinking an crying about what I really want to do, of finding "my voice". I just knew that if I wanted to be successful in what I wanted to do, I have to work harder on it.

I am very thankful for 2010, though I felt it went by so fast! I praise and thank God for His faithfulness. Our marriage has been blessed, and has been a blessing to me. In those times that I felt down, the Lord answers my prayers. It's always good to be reminded to always trust and hope in the Lord. I'm also very grateful for family. They have always given unwavering support and my source of strength.

So now I welcome 2011 filled with hope and trust in the Lord. I have so many prayers and dreams, may the Lord answer them in the way that is best for me, for us.

"My past, O Lord, to your Mercy; my present, to your Love; my future, to your Providence!" -St. Padre Pio