Monday, July 26, 2010

100 days

Para akong presidente, nag-count down ng 100 days since our wedding day :) It took me a few days to notice that, yeah, it's been more than 3 months, or 100 days na pala. Mabilis din ang panahon.

We have been generally following our normal routine of doing work and house chores. We're glad that Doy found his camping stove, which we now use for cooking. Doy was able to cook pasta, fried foods, and his very delicious scrambled eggs. Sadly, though, I'm still unable to cook. But I promised Doy that I will cook when we're able to set up our big stove that we purchased a few months ago.

I'm still pretty busy doing research work for a nonprofit organization, as well as a project for my thesis. I wish I could focus more on my thesis, but I also need to earn money, and my nonprofit work allows me to do that. The challenge for me is attending to all these activities, and giving my best for each one. Doy spends most of his time at home while doing freelance work, so he takes care of most stuff in the house. I'm also glad that I a able to work a few days a week at home so I get to spend time with Doy.

We're glad to be able to ride a bike again in the monthly critical mass rides of the Firefly Brigade. We rode our tandem bicycle. It's been a while since we last used our tandem bike.

Photo by Erwin Paala