Monday, August 6, 2007

Tapori and overcoming extreme poverty

I was invited by a friend to an orientation about ATD (All Together in Dignity) Fourth World Movement. It is a movement that advocates the eradication of extreme poverty all over the world. ATD has a consultative status in the United Nations, where they take part in bringing attention about poverty to the dignitaries of the United Nations.

Ate Bing, my friend, actually had the opportunity to go to the United Nations (UN) last 2005, and learned that she had chaperoned Aling Tita, an ATD member who lives in the North Cemetery (because of extreme poverty, Aling Tita and her family had to live among the dead), who delivered a speech to the UN.

In the orientation, Aling Tita had a chance to share her personal experience in being able to deliver the speech in behalf of all the poor people in the world in order to be able to influence international policy for the poor.
Museo Pambata hosted the orientation of ATD (Nina Lim-Yuson, President of Museo Pambata, is also the President of ATD Fourth World Movement in the Philippines), as well as the exhibits of the Tapori project made by children in ATD sites around the world. They are truly works of art!

We also had a chance to make our own!

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