Sunday, February 3, 2008

We will miss you, Father!

I remember having interviewed Fr. Totit for an article about him in the parish newsletter (see our picture just right above this paragraph). He was just about new in the parish and will be celebrating his birthday then. For me it had been an interesting encounter, because I got to know a little more this priest who was giving very good homilies during weekday masses. Well, he also says mass during Sundays, but not usually during 6:00am (my schedule of service), which was often presided by our parish priest.

The parishioners love him! Bukod kasi sa magaling mag-homily, super bait pa nito. He will find time to accommodate you even if his schedule is busy, or even if he's already tired. Hindi maselan or maarte. Magaling siya makisama. I see in him that he lives out his being a priest and missionary.

I will always be grateful to Fr. Totit for being a friend to me, for listening to me, and for his "fatherly" and friendly advices and guidance. I was so glad to know that while I was discerning about an important life choice, there was someone who shared with me the same sentiments as I did. I was sad about him leaving our parish. But I was also happy for him, because he will become a blessing to more people in his new community.

Our family was fortunate to have him visit our house after his last street mass in our community (see first 2 pictures above).

Thank you, Fr. Totit! We'll miss you :)

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