Monday, May 19, 2008

We Lost our House

May 16, 2008, around 5:30pm

The beams of the 3rd floor of this building broke, resulting to the fall of its ceiling, the damage of its terrace and the stairs of the building. The fall of the ceiling caused injury of two residents and a death of an 11-year old boy.

This building is the place where my family and I live for five years now. We availed of one unit at the second floor on a rent-to-own scheme. After this incident, our family does not plan to go back to live there anymore. The damage of the building is caused by structural defects.

Thankfully my mom and my sister did not get hurt from this incident. Upon hearing about this, I was at Antipolo on a retreat. Had to leave from the retreat to attend to this very pressing concern.

As of the moment the building is cordoned and we are still waiting for engineers to inspect the building's safety, if it will be safe for us to get our things. My mom and my sister only got some clothes and important papers, and most other important things are left at the building. Hopefully we can come back there soon to get our things.

God is really good because he is really taking care of us and have provided for us in this time of need. We found a place to stay temporarily at my grandfather's house. We also found a new apartment where we'll be moving in a few days. And now more than ever I felt the love of my family and friends.

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matell said...

Thanks so much ate maui :) im sorry about what happened to your house, but im glad your family is safe. take care po...=)