Sunday, October 5, 2008

World Teachers' Day

This day, October 5, is World Teachers' Day. It is held annually since 1994. This year is the 14th World Teachers' Day.

Teachers are the backbone for human development by helping develop the child's capacity and desire to learn (see UN's Message on 2008 World Teachers' Day). Critical to cite in UN's message for today's celebration is the commitment of teachers to quality education, for it is an "integral part of the efforts to reduce poverty and help ensure a better life" (see Manila Bulletin). Teachers are not only teachers, but also stewards of God in caring for children, even in the most difficult of circumstances (see Stewards of God and UN's Message on 2008 World Teachers' Day).

I've always had high regard for teachers. I admire their dedication to their vocation of educating the young, and even the old. I look up to my very own teachers, who have been a great part in molding me in the person that I am today. Maybe that is also the reason why I once became a teacher, and why I am in the business of helping teachers.

So, here is a special shoutout and thanks to the teachers I've met, my teacher friends, our teachers in the public schools, our mobile teachers and instructional managers, my teachers in the grade school, high school, college and graduate school, and to the special teachers of my life: my parents, my uncles and aunts, my grandparents, and Doy! I hope you continue to touch lives by the way you teach, live, and love.

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