Monday, June 7, 2010

One of those days

Teaching is one of my passions and interests. I am trying to build a career that is related to teaching or to training. I am glad to have landed in jobs in the past that gave me opportunities to teach or do training. I pursued graduate studies and post-graduate courses to enhance my craft. I also did some consulting jobs that involved training.

In one of my recent consulting jobs where I did training, I felt that the objectives of the training has hardly been achieved. I really felt bad because it is my responsibility to help achieve those objectives. I was the resource person. There are a lot of factors that have affected this, but the bottomline is I was not able to prepare well enough, and that I feel that I lacked a lot of competencies of being a good trainer. I feel I have shortchanged the participants and the organizers. I feel that I am not fit for the job.

I hope that I will really, truly learn from this experience if I am to become serious in becoming a good, or even an excellent trainer. 

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