Sunday, January 6, 2013

Yaya Drama

We hired a yaya for Toyang since I came back to work from my maternity leave. She has had two yayas for the last 5 months. We did not like the first yaya since she did want to follow our parenting style and plans thankfully we did not have to fire her since she was the one who left. We hired a second yaya who seemed nice and kind but is not consistent. We allowed her days off but she would arrive late which also affected our plans and jobs. So we fired her. Since our baby does not have a yaya yet we had been bringing her wherever we go. I had brought her to my office one day and she has gone to her dad's office the following day. It has not been easy these past days but I kind of enjoy it. Thankfully there is not much work at the office yet since we just had Christmas holiday but soon we will all be busy at work so we hope that we could find our baby a good yaya who will take care of her while we are at work.
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