Friday, December 28, 2007

Doy's Christmas Gift

Doy's Christmas gift to me is a commuter bike. Frame is a second hand, old school GT Palomar, single speed! It's light (I think I can carry it while crossing pedestrian overpasses!) and rides quite fast. I think I travel faster here than with my mountain bike. Had no problem climbing Jones Bridge (maybe because I'm so used to the climb. Pero kung clim all the way na parang Maarat on single speed baka di ko pa kaya!). I enjoyed riding it from Balut, Tondo to SM Mall of Asia.

Maybe I should try bike commuting! Hehe
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Senor Enrique said...

I think we've met, haven't we?

How's Doy? Trust you guys had a wonderful holiday season. Please ask Doy to give me a head's up for future Firefly activities in Manila so I could cover. Thanks!

Wishing you and Doy the very best for 2008!



mauisalang said...

Hi Eric! Yes, we've already met :)

Doy is doing great! He's teaching at Enderun (culinary school). We'll let you know about the Tour of the Fireflies. This year is the 10th year, and we're planning to bring our tandem bike :)

A blessed new year to you!