Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tagged by bananaspin - The Perfect Job

I was tagged by bananaspin in her blog entry entitled "Employee Opportunity!!!". I haven't really thought about this before, so here's my attempt:

Maui Salang has had previous experience in various development-related work, particularly in the education and youth sector. Had also experience in training and events management, advocacy and social mobilization, and volunteerism. Though I am presently not seeking employment, an ideal job for me is one that will allow me to:

- teach and/or train
- plan and implement programs and projects for the development of Philippine education
- use information and communications technologies (ICT) for teaching/training and development
- coordinate and network with various education stakeholders
- travel to many different places

Moreover, I'd prefer to be working with an inspiring, role-model boss and mentor (katulad ni bananaspin), and with a positive and dynamic team. Of course I'd also like to work in an organization that empowers and will give me a reasonable compensation package and benefits.

Maui received liberal Catholic education from the Ateneo de Manila University, with an undergraduate degree of Economics and soon a master's degree in education, major in Information Technology Integration. She has received trainings on implementing formal and community education projects, use of ICT for content development and education, volunteer and training management, advocacy writing, as well as monitoring and evaluation. She had past jobs as a teacher, and program officer that handled various education-related projects.


Many of the things I have mentioned here are already satisfied by my current job. May slight problem lang dun sa organization at compensation.

But my present situation in my job, as it is, is okay. It's not perfect, but it's okay. I'm blessed to be able to do the job that I like and be compensated just enough.

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