Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bike Frames I like

I love my current Cannondale M2000 frame on the mountain bike that I have right now. It's an old school 14 year old frame, and it's a looker. Moreover, Doy used to own this frame, really took care of it, that's why it has lasted long enough that he was able to give it to me last year.

It is really a prized frame, so I'd like to preserve it, maybe put it on exhibit at Doy's house. So I'd like to buy a new frame for my mountain bike.

I looked through the websites of famous bike manufacturers and saw some frames that I like. Still don't know though if I could buy any of them soon. But hey, who knows?

Cannondale F1 Caffeine FeminineGiant Rincon wTrek 4500 WSD

Actually I also wanted the mountain bike frames from Independent Fabrication but thought they might be too expensive...

Anyway, I hope I could find the frame that I want, that would fit my budget :D

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