Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's been hard for this first time mom

I am quick to admit that it has been hard and quite a challenge for me as a first time mom. I have never really had experience of taking care of children. I may have had younger siblings and cousins but I never took care of them. Growing up in an extended family, there were uncles and an aunt that took care of me, my siblings and cousins aside from our parents. So when I had Toyang, I had to learn on my own how to take care of a baby. And I never thought that taking care of a baby is an overwhelming task. From the time Toyang was born up until she was 2 weeks old I had no sleep! People said that I should sleep while my baby is sleeping. But I couldn't because that's the time when I clean baby stuff, cook or do house chores. It was hard for me during the first month because it was only my husband and I who were taking care of Toyang. And when my husband goes to work, I am left alone to take care of our baby. I remember sending SMS to my mom everyday during that first month asking her when they will come to visit us. I just felt that I needed more help and needed more time for myself. At some point I thought that I had postpartum depression because of the difficulties I experienced as a first time mom.

While I said that being a first time mom was hard, it became easier for me now thanks to the support of my husband, family, friends and also to Toyang. I thank my family especially my mom for taking care of me and Toyang. She helped us find a yaya to take care of Toyang while I am at work (though I am not entirely happy with this yaya but more on that later). I also thank my mommy friends to whom I share my concerns as a first time parent. No one could understand me better than fellow mothers. I also thank my husband for being a doting and responsible father. I am grateful to him for really taking the time to be with us as much as he can during that first month despite his busy schedule at work. I also thank him most especially for all the sacrifices he has made to be able to support his young family (more on this later as well). Of course I am also grateful to Toyang because she is growing to be a happy and healthy baby. As she grows it is becoming easier to take care of her. And her smile and laughter just makes our day!

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