Friday, September 26, 2008

Ateneo-La Salle Game 2 Finals

Prayer of a Sportsman

Dear Lord, in the battle that goes on through life
I ask but a field that is fair,
A chance that is equal with all in the strife,
A courage to strive and to dare;

And if should win, let it be by the code
With my faith and my honor held high;
And if I should lose, let me stand by the road,
And cheer as the winners go by.

And Lord, may my shouts be ungrudging and clear,
A tribute that comes from the heart,
And let me not cherish a snarl or a sneer
Or play any sniveling part;

Let me say, “There they ride, on whom laurel’s bestowed
Since they played the game better than I.”
Let me stand with a smile by the side of the road,
And cheer as the winners go by.

So grant me to conquer, if conquer I can,
By proving my worth in the fray,
But teach me to lose like a regular man,
And not like a craven, I pray;

Let me take off my hat to the warriors who strode
To victory splendid and high,
Yea, teach me to stand by the side of the road
And cheer as the winners go by.

-Berton Braley


I read in one of the posts in Multiply that losing with character and poise is as important as winning with honor" --- Ateneo has a lot to teach La Sallites and not just how to play good basketball. Very interesting. Despite heartbreaking losses of past seasons, Ateneo has been poised even in defeat. I remember that from the Game 3 of Season 69, when JC, Macky and Doug thanked the Ateneo supporters in Araneta despite losing to UST. In contrast to Pumaren when all he could do was to blame officiating and saying that the finals was a script. Sorry, a lot of people don't buy this!

And to the Blue Eagles, what a season it has been! Biggest thanks to Rabeh Al-Hussaini, Bacon Austria, Nonoy Baclao, Mike Baldos, Ryan Buenafe, Vince Burke, Justin Chua, Yuri Escueta, Tonino Gonzaga, Kirk Long, Jobe Nkemakolam, Jai Reyes, Eric Salamat, Nico Salva, Chris Sumalinog, Chris Tiu, coach Norman Black, and everyone who made this championship possible. It has been a memorable season and championship! Congratulations! Bonfire na!!!

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