Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ateneo wins over La Salle again

I expected that La Salle will come out strong at this second round encounter with Ateneo. After all, this game is more important to them, for a win would mean that they will be in 2nd place and would have the twice to beat advantage. For Ateneo, on the other hand, there is really no pressure to win, for even if they lose, they will still be in 1st place. While many are saying that this will be a no bearing game for the Blue Eagles, the team thinks otherwise. After all, it's the rival team that they are battling. And all throughout the game, it could be seen which team wanted to win more. I was actually disturbed by a comment from the sportscaster from La Salle. I can't remember the exact words but she kind of said that Ateneo is on top only by a few points, and we (La Salle) are not giving our best yet... it's our destiny to win... My reaction is that if you are not giving your best, then you don't deserve to win. And the result of the game just proved that!

And I loved the halftime performance! Sayang lang hindi naipakita nang buo sa TV. Pero ito ang video (by kitaruna, from YouTube):

Note the arrow broken by the A! First time ang pang-ganti na ito, coz the other team has that 'arrow through the A' routine.

Oh I just love the Ateneo! On to the Final Four! OBF!

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