Sunday, July 22, 2007

Computer Clubhouse's New Look

Since the Ayala Foundation turned over the Intel Computer Clubhouse program to their respective communities, I am not able to oversee its day to day operations. But nonetheless, I continue to do my share in supporting the program. I owe so much to this program, not only for my professional and personal development, but also allowing me to do my share in the development of the Filipino youth through the use of technology.

For those of you who may not know, the Intel Computer Clubhouse is an after school center that allow young people to explore and develop their own talents through the use of technology. For more information, you may visit

I hope that you guys can find the time to visit the Computer Clubhouses here in the Philippines. The one I used to manage is in East Rembo, Makati City. But there is another one in General Trias, Cavite. I'm sure you will have a fascinating experience. Last weekend, I got a chance to visit the Clubhouse again after a long while. And I was very glad to see the Clubhouse's New Look!

OLD Look:

NEW Look:

From the previous color of blue and purple, the Clubhouse now is now filled with color YELLOW! I like the color yellow, and I also thought that the Clubhouse now looks more fun and inviting! I hope that this new look of the Clubhouse will be a haven to more kids, as well as volunteers and supporters.

I am posting this information about the Clubhouse in order to promote it and to gather more support so that the Clubhouse may continue its programs for the youth. There are a number of things you can do to support the Clubhouse:

1. DONATE! Donations can be in cash or in kind. You can donate a computer (at least Pentium III or higher), printer, art materials, office supplies, even snacks for the kids and the volunteers.
2. VOLUNTEER! If you can be at the Clubhouse every week or every month to spend time with the kids, then you can become a Mentor. If you can't commit on a regular schedule to be with the kids, you can volunteer to do a workshop or seminar with the kids for a couple of hours. If you are not the type who wish to interact with the kids but still want to help, the Clubhouse also needs some back end, administrative and fundraising support.

If you are interested to help, you may contact me or the Computer Clubhouse staff (Paul or Amy) at 632-7574384 or 7575704.

Thank you!

first posted July 18, 2007

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