Sunday, July 22, 2007

Faith or Fanaticism

Doy and I talked about our issues regarding religious fanatics. I must admit, that even if I am a loyal follower of my religion, I just hate the guts of people who tend to be fanatics of organized religion. People who take the Bible too literally. People who are very critical of others' faiths and regarding their own's as the only way to salvation. And worse, sometimes these avid followers look too loyal when in the church. But outside the church? They do not even practice what their church teaches!

The Bible is written more than 2 millennia ago, in various languages such as Hebrew and Greek. The study of theology taught me that what is written in the Bible should be taken into proper context in order to figure out its true message. I just hope that people were more respectful of other people's faiths. I believe that salvation is freely given by God because of His great love for humanity. And faith without good works, is vain.

Conversing with Doy about these things has always been a fruitful experience, considering that we are from different religions. I guess that's what makes it enriching: being different. But despite the difference, the beliefs that we hold dear in our lives are the same.

first posted Jan. 3, 2006

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