Sunday, July 22, 2007

Filipina and the Philippines

Found these info while surfing the net from Marc Hil Macalua. I think this is important to change the image of the Filipina.

Do a Google search for “Filipina” and “Philippines”. Notice how the top search result pages for the keyword “Filipina” is littered with websites dealing with mail order brides. It’s demeaning. Think of your moms and your sisters. For the keyword “Philippines”, we have a website occupying the top spot. I bet they have that nasty travel advisory posted there for everyone to see. Puts our country and every Filipino in a bad light. I’ve just about had it with that sick man of Asia crap. Let’s open their eyes, there’s more to the Philippines. Let’s put our best foot forward.

I’m starting a campaign among Filipino bloggers, more like a crusade, to “take back” these keywords. There’s a way, and it’s so simple. It’s called Google bombing. Read about it here . If you want to help now, read on.

How to Fight Back
If you have a blog, a website or a webpage, you can make a difference. We just need to gather enough links to point to our preferred website/s. For the keyword “Philippines”, I selected the Wow Philippines website. For the keyword “Filipina” it’s the website of the GABRIELA Network .

Make a difference. Add a link to the two websites mentioned above in your posts or your tagboards. For convenience, just copy the code below and paste onto your webpages.


Please link to this post or pass it on to your friends to spread the message. The more Filipino bloggers we can get, the better. Our goal is to reach the number 1 Google ranking for both keywords and to remain there for eternity. If we reach critical mass, we should start to see improvements in less than 3 weeks :) See you at the top. Mabuhay tayong lahat!


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