Sunday, July 22, 2007

Getting into daily prayer

I have been close to neglecting my prayer life during weekdays. I don't think I could give my daily activities as an excuse for failing to pray. It has been tough, but I have to give time for prayer even for a few minutes during the day.

I remember during college when I used to go to mass daily in school. These have been truly the blessed times of my life. After college I still tried to get into the habit but has been quite a struggle because of so many activities going on in my life. There were weeks that I am able to go to mass daily, and there were weeks when I am only able to go only during Sundays. Though this doesn't seem so bad, Sunday is about the only day when I am really able to pray. Actually, there were days that I am not able to really spend quiet time in prayer. I could say that I am almost a failure in my prayer life.

So to help me get back with my prayer life, I go to two websites:

1. Website developed by the Jesuits in Ireland. This website contains prayers and the gospel for the day. This website makes praying more convenient as I just access the website, select the calendar date, and pray. I do this as soon as I get to my desk at the office. In this way I am able to "start my day right" in prayer.

2. Website produced by the Jesuits in Britain. This website allows you to download prayers for the day or week. And these prayers are in mp3 files. You may store these audio files in your iPod or mp3 player and listen to it. I listen to these files while commuting on the way to work.

And for those times that I don't feel like being techie, I pray the Rosary. I liked what the Irish Jesuits said about the Rosary: "Prayer is a lifting of the mind and heart to God, and for that the rosary is only a springboard. Feel free. It is our Lady's gift, to be used as it helps us." Indeed the Rosary is our Lady's gift. For those times that I really don't know what to say to God in prayer, I just pray the Rosary. It really helps!

first posted Sept. 14, 2006

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