Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pollution in Espana

I do not travel in España so much. Except maybe if I am going to Quiapo to buy bargain stuff, usually on a Sunday, or to UST, to accompany or visit my sister who is studying there. But last Thursday, I had to go to Manila Science High School to talk with an administrator there. There were actually two routes by which I could get there. One was to ride a jeepney going to Taft from Frisco via Sta. Cruz. The other one was to ride a jeepney going to Taft or Kalaw from West Ave. The latter's route will pass by España. I chose to take the jeepney from West Ave., since West Ave. is near our house (just walking distance), and that I will save a few pesos on my jeepney fare.

So I rode the jeepney and travelled. Going past the Mabuhay Rotonda, I noticed something weird happening to me. I'm having headache and stomach pains, and I was also feeling dizzy. Oh my! What's happening to me? Immediately I thought it must be the pollution at España that is causing my weird feeling. But I wondered also, since I've been commuting many many years now, am I still not used to the pollution? Or maybe I'm so used to the comfort of riding the MRT--airconditioned and pretty much secured from the pollution around. I have travelled España before, even went farther routes, weekday and weekend, but have not experienced that weird feeling. Maybe the pollution now is really terrible. Upon arriving at my destination, I was so tired, even if I had travelled only a few kilometers with not much traffic. Pollution, no doubt, is the culprit.

I worried about my sister, who commutes everyday to España. I wonder how she survives it. I worry about her health, given this terrible state of pollution. I would suggest that she gets a gas mask!

first posted Jan. 6, 2006

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